Expensive Commodity

Informed it is the little things, those pieces of life that leave no cost

by the means of monetary at least, in the end, it takes true investment

those that you cannot bring back, the one that is always lost

when it goes to the matters of heart, it is all about time well spent

for this cost has no price tag, no red clearance poster

there are going out of business signs, people react more when it is running out

the closer to the door, the closer to the time the bell rings louder

running to the bedside as if about to miss that last sale, the beginning of a drought

yet this one is wasted without the intrinsic value shown appreciation

claiming a committed relationship while deep inside lacking belief in monogamy

spending it all on someone so hurt by the past, they live in fear of forward motion

those who stay to be abused, torn down, hurt more and more, as if a fantasy

those moments, minutes, seconds turn into hours, days, and years

staying where the time is wasted and not appreciated purely out of fears

that this is the best that we are supposed to have, not willing to accept

that we have so much more to offer the world, ignoring the truth of our depth

while not spent with money that can be made time and time again

work enough hours, put in enough overtime, debt can be erased

yet the best things in life that come with no price tag, cost us just the same as a sin

time may be lengthened, it may be shortened, but we cannot regain the time we waste.


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