I enjoy being an artist, whether with a pen or paper

or a voice that lives within the melody, the above or lower layer

tonight thought my artistry has me using different tools in my showcase

the end result is the masterpiece of the intense ecstasy on your face

your body being the stencil, I let the pen of my tongue trace all your curves

then using my lips for the coloring, I also attend to the inside walls

whether you think that remains on your skin or between your lips, I tickle your nerves

heavy breathing becomes the symphony for inspiration, your chest rises and falls

You are incredible for the past, better for the present, exquisite for the future

I graciously enjoy these moments of intimacy where we dwell together

taking off the layers of this painting and then re-adding them in the proper fashion

previous composers took advantage of prime setting, not imbuing this canvas

per pure passion.


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