Cascading waterfalls start the creation of life and the beauty of miracles

at times it is the rain that gives clarity to all the mysteries

those that we seek all the questions for, the answers yield not the results

it is within the deeper investigation that we find solace and comfort.

Reflection is not the mirror that we stand in front of

naked and willing to accept all our flaws does not need the physical manifested

the reflection can be seen while dreaming of the past, looking at those that passed

either by leaving us behind or leaving us because we held them back

learning to use the presence of someone else and their light as a manner of sight

deeper within ourselves and where we aim to reach

it takes knowing much more than the surface, need to go deep

inside of the mind and heart, the soul should be the strongest part we hold

onto in the times of need, in the times of seeking greed

we desire so much more than can be afforded at times, pockets empty, mind full

clouded and shrouded in doubt and pessimistic deception

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