No Retake

Ever think that things could not become worse, then it occurs

failure after failure, loss after loss, glass half full no longer, glass shatters

the pieces scatter and pierce the walls, the furniture, your heart the final place

and then another crack, another break, another disaster, broken and out the race

but each experience is for learning right? nothing ventured nothing gained, correct?

yet in the end, always back to square one, alone, empty, the last one left

was it really a mistake, just an error that did not get corrected, a missed question

in this test that is love, friendship, existential search for companionship, the message

spoken, unwritten, taught and not guided, this course called living a life

unfortunately I am not passing, no honors to be had, no cap and gown, just the night

night school in this singular classroom, classes during the day cancelled, lack of seats

filled so the professor closes registration, my grade always feels as if it never meets

the expectations set, not enough butter, not enough kissing up, not enough pacifism

the divide growing more and more, between possible regret and just failure, a schism

the student who left his belief in falsehood and the what if behind, regret, a failing grade.


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