Laying here in the quiet darkness of the night

well not fully quiet

sweet poetic moments of life ring through my mind

soft tones of romance and a love story play

over the speaker and dive into my heart

sometimes you reflect on life and realize

there were a lot of mistakes made

yet you live in shame and boast with pride

too careless to apologize and rather keep the lie

sometimes so stuck in the sand

your ways weigh you down, this beach is prison

instead of swimming off the shore, glorious

and gleaming with joy and peace

your regrets are that annoying burn

between your toes and stinging your feet

I rather take the beach of my mind

add some candlelight to go with the stars in the sky

and the ones dancing in your eyes

create a moment to trade in memory

create something greater than a surprise

give you a time lapse frame by frame in your mind

of the future for you and I

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