Reading Material

Keen on paying attention to the content on the pages

intense within the method of looking at the details

mulling over what is seen in the forefront yet

bubbling inside with excitement over turning over to the next page

eager to become enthralled within the melodies of the story

ready and willing to learn and understand the players that much better

loving how the beginning start off with peaking your interest

yet knowing that the best is yet to come as the book gets better and better.

With the exquisite cover from front to back and that is amplified once seeing the words

astonished at the way they float from the page and create the scene

reading this story gives one such amount of pleasure that putting it down seems like a

Desperate act to try to remain composed and not fall to far too fast, too soon


But we take in the stories that fit us the best, those that pulls at our strings

those that intrigue us in ways that were maybe seen before but with a twist

those that make us wonder, what comes next, is there a surprise, is this all a test

to better understand myself, to better understand the arbitrary or lack there of

show you a different way of feeling, taking one mere idea of how something should be

turning it on its’ head and then making you see the same idea from another angle

then once that chapter is finished, breathing tense, deep thoughts, heart racing

just to turn the page, see the next piece, see the next conversation, see the next sparkle

within your own eyes as you watch yourself in amazement at the life introduced

there is intrigue in seeking out the story you never thought you would read.



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