A Continuing Path

Tasked in a roundabout way to speak on romance

since this one has just started I find it perfect

we are exploring the possibilities of many

multiple flights of fantasy

carriage rides on a warm summer eve

or rather a cool Autumn breeze

the chill that runs up your arm bringing you

that much closer to me

for warmth, for comfort, for that elusive

protected feeling that comes from trust

trust that the man who has been displayed

is the man who will continue to remain

taking a glass of wine and making it mean more

than just a partner to a good meal

let it be the opening course to dinner not just with food

a particular type of sustenance desired quietly

call it food for the soul

call it a meal that is never cold, yet too hot

also doesn’t burn you

just a taste that never leaves your tongue

waiting to partake upon it again

whispering in your ear like a favorite song

call it the blues, smooth jazz, or a ballad

enjoy it best you can

this type of romance will always last


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