Taken Back

Streetlights coming on, better hurry on home

is she on the steps or inside of the door, waiting

have to run, no time to say goodbye, yell it down the street

first time having curfew, this should be fun

made the mistake, now I am late, it was worth it

long conversations, hold your breathe, someone picked up the phone

better hang up soon, I hear the footsteps coming closer and closer

lunch together again, we need to get our of this cafeteria

I am ready just to chill, what movies are out this week, my allowance just came

I can splurge for the large popcorn, just big enough for two hands

last row, sitting all to ourselves

get home, keep talking, weekend this time, no worries

are you sleep? Still awake?  good

you hang up, I hung up first the last time, this time it is your turn

is that the birds I hear, what time is it? Five in the morning??

Call you back soon, I need a nap



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