Support Team

So it has become my job, a duty so to speak to change your perception

open up your perspective and introduce you to my level of depth

my level of introspection

you want to learn more about me, dive right on in

the water is fine, not too hot, not too cold

just the right temperature for you to wanna lie in

the perfect temperature that can go up a few degrees or down

tailor itself to your comfort needs

make sure that all times you remain pleased

whether that is a mental desire, physical, or emotional query

my primary objective is to take care of you

make sure that all parts of you remain happy

I love to see you smile, that glow that brightens up my day

cheers those on who are around you as well most would say

infectious laugh that spurns on moments of humor

keep pushing forward Queen

someone is at your side now that will support you as you go further

whether you are breaking down your own personal walls

completing an accomplishment for self

or a goal that sets you apart from the rest

when you need a push, I will gently nudge you along

when you think you are about to stumble, you will realize

your path has been cleared for you, there is nothing wrong

when you are feeling overwhelmed, those walls will not close in on you

for I will be there beside you, making sure you have plenty of room

whether to breathe or to get that running start

you have someone beside you, fighting for you and with you, with all his heart




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