Just a Glance

It is not in my nature to be boastful

full of pride that seeps through my clothes

coming from my skin like a pheromone

I rather let my pencil speak some of the words

that are not created by the chorus of my actions

for it is better to act and stand as an example

than to talk the game of one in hopes you are heard

I rather take the peace that comes from solitude

than worry about those who I think enjoy my place

my place in their life, the enjoyment of me as their

company, it becomes a fact more often than not

that friendship created from tolerance ends quickly

due to the removal of that extensive patience

those whose personalities clash create chains

these chains or shackles are not to the benefit

of the one that lives in the truth

faces the real facts that these moments

brief and fleeting of endearment

to these farce of friendships

is more damaging in the long haul

realizing early on that my growth is self-taught

on this plane of life

learning that my understanding of self

is completed in flight and that is right

for myself and quite possibly for others

we take what life has given us with discernment

and push forward


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