What You See

Take it all in and observe with an open mind and open eyes

rest assured that you are making the correct choices

understand that negative things do not have to repeat themselves

surrender yourself to the faith that you have amassed

turn that doubt and fear that you once had into pure confidence

You have been through a great deal but that time was the past

over the course of your life, you have been let down by those who said they cared

under distress and under appreciated way more than you should have been

remember, you have persevered and gave it one more shot and this is your reward

sometimes it is these moments of unexpected bliss and excitement that gives you proof

evidence that shows you the truth, your eyes and heart are steering you correcting

leave it all behind and pay attention, lead it off with good faith, and jump

free-falling as if doing it for enjoyment but do it this time for freedom from it all.

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