More than a Snack

Hunger is not enough words to describe this appetite

more of a craving than you understand

more of a physical imperative that feeds the mental and emotional

I wish to devour you in ways that exceed pure intimacy and passion

rather have the appetizer be that pain that you hold onto

those regrets and guilt, those barriers that you create and push against

wash it down with that persona that you believe you have

this broken piece of a diamond that should understand and know

that you shine far brighter than the rest even with your flaws

this is the type of way I want the meal to start, same as a book

get through the beginning, before getting to the real meat of the story

as I look over the menu, I think I would rather take on next the carbs

those pieces of your being that give me energy, give me strength, help me to grow

your perseverance, your strength, your kindness, the admiration of your love

to your kids, to your family, to your friends and those you hold dear

I savor every bite, learning more and enjoying more through this knowledge

although the main course of understanding you has been taken in

understanding how your life has affected and changed you

I get unlimited refills on taking you in, taking in your feelings

taking who you are into consideration

delectable and learning more and more with each bite

truth be told, this is already a meal enough, I savor every moment

dessert is not needed but desired

I have plenty of room to indulge but for now

I will take the check

somewhere else should be the place to take in the rest


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