Table is Set

If you have not noticed, I like analogies using food

this world has me constantly hungry, all day mood

whether I hunger for knowledge

and thirst for understanding

or crave that reflection of self

you probably missed those double meanings

you missed the mathematics of it all

despite trying to stand tall

I speak in riddles and hyperbole fluently

or I can be as direct as a brick wall

With this subject at hand I want to tell a story

about the way men are overlooked for glory

the same characteristics that it is said are needed

are dismissed because of the package

this meal you missed eating

stepping up to the table with a while feast in hand

loyal, romantic, kind, a very caring grown man

who will give you the shirt off his back

to fight the bitter cold

who will give you the last in his pocket

if it will help you reach that goal

who will push you forward to your dreams

and help you reach what you did not see

those achievements you said were out of reach

closer and closer they seem to be

someone who will cherish you whether dolled up

or just rolling out of the bed

someone who makes love to your body, soul, heart

and your head

will do what it takes to put a smile on your face

through laughter and fun, just enjoying the sun

or under the stars in thoughts, poems and songs

steadily being the man you did not think exists

standing right in front of you, you are scared

of the risk

that maybe this plate comes with a price

similar to the past hurt of your life

if you can not compare a shark to a guppy

then why compare what you want

to what is lost

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