Subtle Prey

The hunter

I kind of like the ring of those words

quiet, calculated, perceiving all that is around me

aware and in the moment yet

distant from it all

I rather make you squirm

feel the ants running up your thighs

as you wonder, in anticipation

in exhilaration

while taking on different emotions

following the lead set out for you

trying to start a fire but I am already on to you

soon you will be within reach of the snare

caught by the heart inside of my arms

this calming, secure, comforting cradle

that you only dreamed exists

previously being led into situations of pain

and disappointment

for the man who looks to control for his sake

loses out on a great woman who just needs more

more affection, more patience, more caring

more understanding

she needs more of a provider

more of a protector

more of that man who seeks to complete a home

a hunter who goes for purpose, hunts with a plan

not for sport


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