Crowded Paths

Mind so busy that it creates the plot of a mystery

creating situations and circumstances from the nuance of fear

so worried about the next person to cause a tear

to fall from your face, to fall through your heart

breaking it as they tunnel their way through

forcing themselves into your life through manipulation

you feel a sense of absolution when control is firm

keeping your distance to keep yourself safe

focusing more on the lack of getting invested and dismissing

the investment already put into you

I think it goes overlooked more than social awareness can understand

the world is not completely filled with trash women or men

yet those good ones are always treated as the predator

whether a woman who wants to stand by her man

or a man who wants to lift up a woman

is that investment really recognized?

someone who decides and tries their best to stand at your side

even while pushed away and to the background

still willing to give their last to make sure your path

is just a little bit quicker, that your fight can last

people stay on guard with fear, scared to face themselves and their flaws

and those left in the crossfire of standing firm for them fall

with no cause




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