Sweet Dreams

I forgot what it is to yearn for something sweet

delectable treats that quench all mentions of a tooth

remembering how it felt to be overtaken by an addiction

mutual attraction and affection, intimacy in all meanings of the word

that little nuance and trigger that you hold within me

that silent signal or approach that moves you to a deeper thirst

appetite remains with a desire for satiation

if better  understanding is needed, let me make it simple

satisfaction for myself is equivalent to yours times two

my job is not done unless you feel enough to hold you over

maybe until morning, maybe until the next hour, depends on the time

the moment, the place, the temperature between us or outside

I am of the mind that the time is always right

when your heart dwells within those moments in time

contrary to the unpopular opinion

emotions make it better for us too

why put in this work to earn your trust, your affection

your love

only to turn around and act like that is all that the only

desire for us

why put in the work, to mess up the best part…


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