Open Doors

A change in the regime, the changing of the guard

amazed to make it to this level, gracious that I have made it this far

a door unanticipated

a move that was thought to be unwise

unwelcome to re-enter into this life of mine

yet when faced with the decision

I want to open the door, I want to leap off the edge

I want to plunge deep underwater, disregard air and breathe itself

the realization that the air gets tight when you are not near

the understanding that my mind takes flight absent from your presence

it moves, swims, glides, and falls just awaiting the reappearance of your touch

desiring to be close, an embrace, a kiss so full and so soft

this door in front of me begging me to open it, desiring me to knock heavily

guarding my heart from where it already has chosen to reside

knocking on this door, love is on the inside

ready to embrace the thought of expounding upon those three words

to me, the acceptance of said phrase is worth more than the world

blessed beyond measure to even dream of reaching this pinnacle again

eager and ready to open this door, stepping into the light

this journey of love begins.

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