Life and Love Exam

Without question and without pause, I will always remain the person

this one to look past the stars

It is often asked of me

just remain who you are, be yourself, never falter

but am I accepted as such, is the understanding of such a person the destination

or does fear, pride, hubris, and arrogance block most from seeing the truth

that my actions, my moves, the pieces that motivate me

are all in earnest, all within a heart whose intent is blessed with purity

for I will always want the best for you as I do for myself

what people do not realize at times is that it takes a great effort to show this fervor

a great deal of courage, great deal of self-appreciation and understanding

to put forth ample investment, put forth compassion and empathy far beyond standard

if this was a sermon, I could say you are not listening to me

you are not hearing me

reading the words yet letting the message pass you by

who will be honest with themselves and stop with telling the most important person a lie

looking in the mirror and stating that you have put in as much as I have

looking in the eyes of another without humility and boasting the acts you did not initiate

going backwards on purpose with the acknowledgement that progress is imminent

yet living by past fear is evident

destroying the present and the future that was claimed to be wanted

I can accept not being the package preferred when the statement is made

yet the lie being told is definitely of a failing grade.

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