Death of a Gentleman

Let me introduce you to a story, a scenario so to speak that plays itself out day by day

about interaction, honesty, communication and trust

and also the lack there of

this can merely begin with a statement of truth, an undeniable fact that is easy to prove

gentlemen absolutely still exist

they are just being murdered at an unprecedented rate

those individuals who go into a situation with their fear standing behind them

moving purely with courage despite being hurt once, twice, and multiple times before

those who enter into someone else’s life with the intention on addition and progression

those who speak and act according to their standard of morals

who have created their life through the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, understanding

and not living it to receive bounty with deceit and lies

the one in the group that is dependable through all circumstances

that one in the group who holds himself accountable for his actions including

the company he chooses to keep

whose intentions and investments show that they work hand in hand

and reaching out with that hand is the offer for security, safety, the letting go of pain

there could be me more and more dialogue on the presence of such a man

yet this piece is about his death, not his underappreciated life and plan

Because despite all that he does, he is struck down on a consistent basis

deception has turned into the new privacy, lies told in omission

communication used purely now as a leash, only speaking to keep him near

yet with no intention on actually accepting him as the man he has put forth

because of fear

these are the men who constantly check up on you, make sure you are good

asking how you slept, have you ate, making sure to do anything they could

yet, their day is never inquired upon, their state of mind, well-being or health

with every conversation they start, your family, those near to you are a point to address

turn the tables around, you will realize that you did not ask one question, said even less

everything merely a response, usually short and distant

yet these are the women who say they want a man to show their intent

state they want a man who is there to push them forward, to uplift them

their sledgehammer tears him down daily due to lack of recognition

claim that it is so hard to do it on their own, but push away the one who wants to help

claim to be open to love, want to be loved, yet they have none to give because of the past

pride is the new version of fear, too worried about disappointment

yet this man is the one who exceeds your expectations, excellent performance

when did you last check on his feelings?

gauge his own level of hurt and pain

because for all the actions that he is producing on his own

the lack on your part is tenfold and made very plain

to see that you are not as engaged in building a foundation as he is

even conversations about emotion immediately turn defensive

you begin to wonder why you have yet to see him for a few days

you want to see him, but are too prideful to say

or make an attempt to move forward because in the past you were hurt

in his presence you feel adored, in his present, he is destroyed

he gave his best to someone who did not understand what she wanted

played with his heart, affection, and investment; scared to open up

too immature to admit it to herself let alone the one who cares

see immaturity leads to a lack of articulation, good communication has to be there

so when he leaves her

because it hurts too much to stay

wasting his time, energy, and effort

for a woman who just throws it away

the gentleman he was to her and will continue to be

dies in her mind

even though she is the who made it end this way

just like all the rest is what she will say…..



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