Wishes and Prayers

I wish I could hear the words your fear holds back

I wish I could feel the love you keep behind that wall

I wish I could learn more and more about you

those deep pockets of your heart, covered and hid

away behind that smile, that pride, that doubt

that you try to not let me see in your eyes

Do you wonder if my heart is really true to you

do you think that it will turn into lies

do you think that I mean to deceive you?

I wish that you would allow me to stay by your side

I have hope that you truly desire me in your life

I only wish I could give you the confidence

the security you need to embrace it all

embrace me

There is so much I want to show you, give you

more than the world, grant you access to wonders

wonders of the universe, those fantasies that sleep

within the crevices of your mind and heart

those thoughts you never believed would come true

the pieces of love and romance, bigger than life

greater than the thoughts of expectations

larger than those dreams you neglect and disregard

my love for you is deeper than you accept

I understand the fear of acceptance, of belief

of trusting that this is real, that I am honest

the fear of disappointment, the fear of being hurt

even when you feel I am doing too much

pushing you to express, asking you to act

desiring you to show me that which I feel

when I am in your presence, in your arms

by your side and just existing in your air

we are connected and there is truth in this

for there is not a moment in which I do not miss

being with you, your hug, your kiss

being near you is my bliss

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