The Main Difference

Loud and crowded day by day, continuous strings of words, laughter, and screams

the enigma, a status I stand on with pride, that one that stands out in a crowd yet unseen

conflicting thoughts, a presence and charisma bigger than physical stature, intimidating

to some although others it is warm, inviting, alarming yet comforting

within this whirlwind of creativity and philosophy, a tornado of plans and ideas

there is no calm before the storm, at least, not until you came into focus, your voice heals

all previous pain and heartbreak, taking away all other thoughts, creating clarity

heightened focus, senses enhanced beyond normal means, strength greater than twenty

whether man or beast, no one shall harm you, whether emotional or physical, only safe

you will be in my care, you are the air I breathe, I need, the living well of water I taste

quenching my thirst for love, for peace, for that one piece of quiet, calm, and silence

that which allows me to know you stand out from the rest, insures me you are who I seek





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