Creative Irony

This is one of those moments where the words are supposed to flow

where I should be able to freely express how I feel and show

the rest of the world, the thoughts inside of my mind


this is more pain than freedom, more torture than relief

in the time it took me to turn this page, pull out the pen and paper, the irony hits

a song you claim for yourself, now becomes a haunting memory for me

what was once a love that I had before I even knew you, forever changed

this is the irony of pain, the irony of love, the irony of giving all you can

there are plenty who will give you nothing, and take all that you have

there are plenty who want to give you something, yet hold back

some are so confused they are chasing after what is unattainable

some are so scared they run away from what is right in front of them, standing

If I have learned anything from being a cynic

it is that life and love is more of a co-existing desire than an imperative

I have felt less love than most, yet I still survive which equates to life

yet I do not live

now those two are synonymous, living and loving

the action of both, the ability and embracing of those moments, those feelings

the possibility for me has dropped exponentially

love and survive is my drive.


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