Gold Trophy

To the woman who quoted that good men were extinct then received one

that man whom you did not doubt on the honesty of his intent or character

yet you chose to push him away, live within lies, and take advantage and shun

now you are the woman who can stand by that statement, as you are the destroyer

To the woman who believes the worst before looking at the good

I apologize for your past, those who hurt you and the situations that damaged you

even your beliefs on happiness are temporary, deny your doubts, I think you should

and then stand proudly above the trauma, and live your life beginning anew

To the woman who believes no one cares for her, will be there when she needs

stop thinking about immediately being disappointed, life in the moment

I am sure you have seen plenty of proof, take notice and take heed

It is worth taking that chance, it is worth finally being lenient.

Do you take pride in wishing for the negative and then making it come to be?

Do you feel like you deserve a reward for forcing a situation to be worse than needed

and then persevering

It is not an achievement to create strife and then make it through

it is not a truth when you believe one thing, only to create the circumstance

to make it come to pass.

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