Incorrect Perspective

I am not a good man, I am not a gentleman, I am not a good father

These self-appointed titles or falsehood granted by admiration have been shown

time and time again to be wrong, to be highly inaccurate

consistent failures, consistent mistakes, lack of love and lack of success

lack of drive, lack of passion, more often than not lack of direction

I have not had one anniversary celebrated

more than a few times in a relationship I am hated

all during the time and especially after the fact

I have been called abusive and manipulative, callous and mean-spirited

told that my goal is to hurt others purely out of a malice

many arguments caused by my actions or lack there of

many fights started because of my words

I must blame myself for my blood that has been spilled

whether by her fists or other objects, I was the cause, I created the rage in her

I created her pain while dealing with me, I created her misery while in my company

While I might have not created the trauma before me, I surely created my own

instead of helping things to be better, in most instances, I made them worse

for all those I have loved, I have hurt





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