A Different Love

There are moments that it takes more than a few words for understanding to be gained
Where it takes the lines in the paper to become like the grain
Those small pieces of sand that slowly fill the hourglass of life
Or for those who make that vow, showing the fullness of two lives
Becoming one at a joyous occasion, for once I really believe it to be possible
Because the truth of the matter is, all my life it definitely did not seem plausible
So simply put, starting out, I love you with every fiber of my being
Yet within this love, I know there are parts of me you are missing
I seek to be understood the same as you, to be learned as you are
I desperately seek to be acknowledged and accepted, whether near or far
For all my life I have been the one thrown in the trash, the orphan not wanted
With you I truly feel loved, desired, a warmth in the level of comfort
I believe you to be an amazing woman who is just as scared of love as she is living in it
For you have been hurt many times before, tasted too much the bitterness
Of disappointment, pain, being let down and being pushed around
Yet with me, you no longer have to fear that past, you are standing on new ground
A new plateau you have reached in life that shows you visions never before seen
For once in your life you have the safety to fantasize, you have the ability to dream
And believe in those wishes that you once held close to your heart as a child
I apologize for my timing, God had to work on me and you separately for a while
There is a reason this love caught you off guard the way that it occurred
There is a reason why my heart was the one that your heart was waiting on to be heard
I know the strength in you, I know there is truly a determined fighter
I also understand the fear of losing something so grand, the fear of feeling like a failure
I want you to know you are beautiful inside and out, a great and caring mother
I want you to know it is okay to let it all out, no emotion is too much, unable to be smothered
My intentions are to create the foundation with moments to begin our forever
Getting through the beginning trials and creating that friendship that will not sever
Understand that too good to be true, comes with a fight, I promise you, my love, we are just right

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