Actions vs Words

It becomes an easy question with no real answer,
Why is there such a drastic amount of less care for the man?
Especially the black male
Yes we all know of the ones who have hurt others
Seek to exploit those they can with their wit and charm
Those who create and perpetuate abuse whether it be physical or mental
Creating dependencies and causing pain purely because they can
What about the others?
Those who try their hardest to understand your pain
Listen to your stories and learn about the person you wish to be
Focus on family and love first and always keep your desires in mind
Those who always have to swallow their own pride to ease your mind
Have we taken into consideration their pain?
The abuse they endured? Or is that still the thought process
Men aren’t abused, whether it is physically, mentally, or emotionally?
Speak to a man with cuts on his face, abrasions on his arm, busted lips and gums
Or that one who refuses to speak up anymore, scared to express his emotions
Always referred to as a woman, always dismissed, always ignored, always told
That it was a problem he created
Think about that statement by itself?
His feelings being expressed are considered him creating a problem?
This system of denial is perpetuated
Men should not feel negative emotions towards a woman
Only their love, encouragement, and sympathy is all women seek to see
Yet do not understand the trust it takes for a man to say to them
“Your actions/words hurt me”
“I do not feel loved, I do not feel comforted”
Are you someone who is continuing the cycle in practice?

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