A Plea

I keep to myself, I tend to observe more than I speak
I stay quiet a lot, sometimes the less you talk the more you see
Start this out with a simple request, from a good man to you, a plea
Love me for who I am, love me for me, and not just my deeds
More often than not, relationships begin and everything is so sweet
Honeymoon phase, love is flowing, flourishing, growing, and life is happy
Then comes the first disagreement, argument, misunderstanding and it gets scary
Will it work out, are you understood, did they apologize
the questions in your mind flow free
Even before that, there is a part of you that still desires that freedom of choice
Thinking solely on yourself and what you want and desire
silent selfishness, thoughts of no noise
Yet when it comes out, instinct kicks in, fight or flight, do you run or talk, win or lose
To some the loss of love is the win, to some it is the opposite, everyone has to choose
Whether your actions consider your mate at all times,
or just when you think they will or can see
Whether living in secrecy is all that it is meant to be
Whether you are able to accept the results from actions you took thinking only of self
Whether or not you acknowledge the feelings you create or just put them on a shelf
Disregarded and ignored accepting no accountability for what your actions produced
Their response is still their own,
you just have to understand that you were the catalyst being used
The accelerant to the fire that you feel surrounded by just so happens to be you
In this realm of love and life, maybe this love is more than you can chew
There are many tales of those demanding so much and wanting to have it all
Then when it comes to them, easy, without difficulty, they stumble and fall

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