It is said home is where the heart is

Well my home is where you are

My heart broken into eight pieces

You hold them all and I am thankful

Despite the pain and struggle, I am relieved

In some parts I am elated that I was able

Able to get this far

Able to reach beyond my fears and my past

Able to look beyond the dark, my vision surpassed

Those doubts and the lingering feeling of being unworthy

For these moments in time, I actually felt deserving

On another level to the grace of God to enjoy life and living

Not just blessed with survival but blessed with love everlasting

Not just from my Father but to be enjoyed while I am on this mortal plane

I would awake and move feeling blessed time and time again

I miss the feeling of being home, walking into a place of peace and comfort

I miss the feeling of knowing that within you

My heart is always at home

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