New Path

Based on the words I should have eternity

Should be living my days flourishing in passion

Flowing through the waves of happiness and love

I have been told I was loved without condition

Time and time again yet a condition arose

Where I move from beloved into the hated

My actions scrutinized even though reactionary

I step back when I am pushed too far

I gave my heart to those who only wanted a part

While receiving exactly what is desired and wanted

I am believed to be loved

When that presence is removed so goes the love

My heart yearns to please, yearns to adore

Truth be told I seek validation inside a love

That I alone can call my own

To feel like for once I belong

In a world that feels like it was not made for me

I sought to find my way inside the heart of another

I will continue to try to remain the same man

At least in character and morality

In humility and in empathy, where caring resides

I wish to not be bitter or spiteful, just accepting

Accepting that love is not meant for one like me

Accept that I made choices that led to pain

Accept that I need to heal, need to grow, learn

Accept I need to also be a healer, a teacher

A catalyst and create a change, a turn

A new fork in the road that needs creation

Where I am passenger not driver

Riding in silence and appreciation

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