Candlelight is meant for moments of peace

Moments of joy, moments of happiness

Moments where appreciation and adoration never cease

Those intimate moments of longing, moments I miss

Where a journey has taken you away longer than desired

Where work obligations have made you weary and tired

When all you need is to relax when the world has you fired

Up and you need to come down to where your heart is inspired.

To become once again the best version of yourself

The one who lives and breathes success and determination

Never letting that person without confidence stay on the shelf

Renewed spirit and energy showing all of your maturation

Growth takes time and most of all understanding and listening

The beat of your heart and the screaming of your soul

Sometimes it can all become a jumble of noise, so confusing

And overwhelming that it begins to purely take a toll

On your life, your spirit, your friends and your family

Take the step back, look in the mirror, open your eyes to honesty

Then those moments under the dim glow of a flame

Will begin to be the start of manifestation

Of progression, of the healing of a conversation

Those moments will become comfort and new beginnings

Like the start of a date night that feels never ending

Accompanied by smiles, laughs, flowers, good food and company

As you step into the light becoming who you were always meant to be

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