Dark Holes

Lost and trapped between optimism and realism

This type of captivity that makes me smile in misery

no company needed for this pain, I will spare you from the rain

although my umbrella is out for the safety of others, not for my gain

details of what is running through my mind, in depth and dense

the blood that flows fiercely through my veins, my skin tense

attempting to heal what has been present for years, with an even bigger recent injury

dreams crushed, belief tarnished, the truth of me being forever just a fallacy

constantly reminded that my best parts became seen as my worst parts

acceptance or rather only seen as advantageous with good deeds, not my heart

Days like these are rough, they are tougher than others, trust and believe

attention was always paid, moves just needed to be changed, it became right to leave

to retrieve myself from that place distant from me and from where I laid my head

where there was a lack of willingness to accept all of me, rest not even gained in bed

today is the beginning of the hard ones, soon the worst day has an anniversary.




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