Home with Words

This is a familiar and comfortable place to be

honestly it has been a while since my palm has rested on these sheets

of paper and life truly

love and pain purely

being expressed and shown in words and flow

filling you in to the feelings you should know

There is a certain beauty that comes with the art of words

even said without using a scheme or dynamic

presenting itself as a love language just being heard

some small things that are said are truly gigantic

Think of the word alone ‘love’ called the “L” word

can hold the energy to empower or destroy

by the correct usage and actions, or incorrect usage and failure

some people understand words are not to be played with like a toy.

Others let their hate spew and speak negativity into life without responsibility

thinking those words were not important as they were only said in anger

yet anger is an emotion, not an action, a choice was made to be hurtful, now do you see?

how losing control of your words can create irreparable damage and danger

Even if the subject is never brought up again, bridges have cinders, respect has cracks

pain will still remain and live, a broken heart does not always have to act.


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