Those Cracks

I wish to fall in love more with your imperfections

embrace those flaws within yourself that you feel ashamed by

understand that those are just the tiny cracks with that armor you wear

to give me more reason to show my passion towards you when I stare

into your eyes, at your figure, at your shape, into your soul

listen to you speak, and become invested in all of your words

listen to your emotions, watch your moves, pay attention to everything and more

this is an investment to last until we are both grey and old

My intentions are not to love you just for the good times

the acts of kindness, love, passion, intimacy and excitement

I want to love you when we hurt one another, when we upset one another

even if we have to go to bed separately, make sure you feel safe and secure

then correct the issue and move forward with more love and more understanding

I want love that knows what it is fighting for, love the fight in you as you love mine


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