No More Running

Should have been more honest with myself

Kept the truth closer to my heart than my hope

You were never meant to love me, wrong shelf

I took myself down from and now I must cope

With the loss of many hopes and the deepest dreams

Those ambitions and desires that only the few know

The ones free of my walls that hold back what it means

To truly understand the pain a man feels, let it show

Vulnerability is a blessing and a gift for a woman

To be able to witness their friend or partner at a low

This is the purest form of trust, embrace the moment

To take advantage creates the instinct for him to go

Your love was never mine to hold onto

Mine is just that type of love no one wishes to keep

Running as far away as possible and pronto

Immense speed and extravagant leaps

To create the most amount of distance and space

Making sure to never allow me to see love in your face

Or from your eyes or the words fall from your lips

I understand I am not the one to sail on ships

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