The Flame Inside

Inside my mind, a cage, and I am the animal or prisoner

held captive by memories and visions of your smile

driving myself more and more insane, no time to recover

even sleeping keeps up the intensity of this trial.

While I wish not to let you go, I feel it is what must happen

for as much as I love you deeply, this needs more than just passion

communication is broken, it was in the past and still exist to this day

it is not fair or acceptable for you to dismiss everything that I say.

Because no matter what the situation I always listened to your concerns

your thoughts and your feelings, so why am I the one spurned?

My treatment of you is not like your past encounters

so why do you feel that the love I deserve must come with so much anger?

I am not intrigued by the back and forth consistency of turmoil and drama

I am not for the games of fighting so much, using words that create trauma

There is a reason why I hold my tongue, I say my words with intention

to convey a point of view, reach and understanding and resolution

Your desire to tear me down to prove your point pushes me away

your desire to dismiss my input to make yourself right creates dismay

misunderstandings should be approached with love as the start and finish

with you, that absence is apparent and makes my faith diminish

faith in that the rocky times can be better with someone who wants to learn

instead it feels like getting ready for war, another badge to earn

and when the smoke clears, exhaustion has set in

the castle of our love once standing tall, starts letting in the sand

Respect my voice, thoughts and feelings as you want yours respected

should not even have to be spoken, doing otherwise is not accepted

my love remains, whether you are truly ready for it is unknown

rather my lover fight for us to be right as a whole

I will be here if and when you are truly ready

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