Garden and Cage

Mind running free and living in perpetuity

a garden among the trees and inside I cannot flee

for it soars abound and with an abundance of worlds

not contained inside of the space of self, this container, this shell

my mind travels through the different planes of existence

no turbulence

jumping from lucidity to awake, carrying along the conversation

without pause from the sleeping state to a more aware frame of mind

the water soaks the ground, the grass grows, along with the vines

those vines that reach out for more height, stretching higher and higher

see those are my aspirations, my wants, my desires

from an optimistic soil, dealing with a realistic spiritual journey and life

that does not happen while my eyes are seeing the light, no sunlight

truly exists in the mindscape of my mind, this sunrise and sunset is all mine

but there is where the bars begin, for I live more life there, where I imagine

these places my subconscious and astral body go leave this world lacking

always waking up from slumber, wishing for more, but no reacting

truly there are so many words, stories, tales, and adventures to be heard

the problem is this garden in my mind is always a bit of scorched earth

for where there is green grass and vines, majestic trees and pines

so flows the tornados and hurricanes and heaviest of storms

powered by words and thoughts consistently being born

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