In Lies

And yet I feel invisible, transparent in all the ways that matter in communication

yet when it comes to feeling like I am being complacent, I shine

that person that has become opaque when his feelings come to the surface

ironic how my heart is on my sleeves, yet no one truly acknowledges it beats

Ever been told you are adored and loved; however, the person is not seeing you

this image in their mind, this idea that they have derived

based upon passion and lust, not love and trust, their words are inherent lies

their adoration is to the entity in their mind, not the person who is really alive

I understand how easy it is to be hated because I am the reality of the dream

from which you were awakened, looking at me through a mind that was sleep

So further my sense of worth diminishes, my life is more valued as a dream

than in the real instance, a moment of desire is all the seasons I inhabit


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