Professing to knowing every truth is a mistake,

you will not find me on that battlefield,

where you will find a man like me is out in the trenches,

saving those who feel lost,

while remaining lost myself. 

I am that one that leads the life of a leader,

while following the only one that matters,

wandering around this intrepid road

looking to hear the voice saying again to me,

“speak to this one here”. 

I dare not say I am a shepherd to the flock,

I am more like the lost sheep that has strayed away with purpose,

it happens just not that often. 

My goal is to engage you on various levels that sometimes,

I am unaware of their origin,

I do remember the place once the words have been read. 

I do not remember the words, the time, or the process,

just where I was when it hit me and then I continue on. 

So as you see, there can be, someone who is meant to lead,

that is not set into one title. 

I aim to be, all that I should be,

and gain all that I am entitled.

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