My Story Pt. 2

My story is not for the timid

Yeah some say it does not matter to the mental

To the present now, you wonder on what is going on

Truth be told it always will affect you

My childhood died before it began

Parts of me blocked away that I can never recover

My memory is blank, two or more years gone

I remember nothing, I miss someone I can not see

My mind has no image of her and that pains me daily

I live alone, work alone, will die alone

All for the chance to see her face again

My life should have ended a long time ago

Salvation for me was given instead of the bullet I had planned

I have been given the choice between life or death

Even without the plan of suicide

I still chose life

This is painful, this life is full of strife and tribulations

There is no easy road, guaranteed, 

I am not asking for your sympathy

All anyone should seek from others is the highest form of love


Something more to believe in outside of our own views

Aside of that, more demons figurative and literal

My story is not for the weak at heart

Neither is my life, nor is my heart

I suppose that is why it is alone

Set apart and pushed aside

This is my story


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