My Dignity

Writing for myself is not about the fame or the glory

It is a way for me to teach, to show, and to share my story

While some may consider it painful at times

There is also a feeling of familiarity in these rhymes

Emotions that others have felt and struggled with

Yet their knowledge of how to express them does not exist

So I share with the masses, those feelings of captivity

Those feelings that change you inside, can warp your identity

And then within that pain, show the light and there is a way out

or within that pain, show that there is always a need to shout

Release the pent up emotions and let it all go

Release those things that hinder you, and continue to move forward

I dare not say I am here to change the view of the entire world

Yet maybe I can be that catalyst, to change one person’s world

If I am so blessed to be helpful to you, I appreciate you more than you know

I am a person who loves potential, I love the ambition to grow

I have been called and told a many things during this life I lead

and I will continue to be called many things even after I no longer can breathe

If nothing else, I would appreciate your honesty

Towards me, I need nothing more, than your acceptance for my dignity


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