Same Way

Today there are some of us that celebrate

A day in which our savior rose from being dead

A death that signified salvation for so many

Yet do we forget more of the meaning

His love for us was something to be exemplified

Today is about his resurrection, remember why he died

It was not only his father’s love, but his love as well

His love for his father, and his love for those his father loved

It is said the greatest form of flattery is imitation

Yet why do we not emulate that when it comes to this man

He has shown us the true way to walk and to love, outside of ourselves

Yet we still show love even now selfishly, focusing on what we want more

Even he did not want to die, destined to do it since the formation of the world

He did not want to die

He understood he needed to die

Understood what it meant in doing so not only in his father’s will

but in his adoration for those his father loved

Today take the time out to ask yourself, could you do the same?

On both parts, could you sacrifice your only for the salvation of others?

Would you sacrifice yourself for the salvation of others?

What would you want him to do as your only child?

In our selfish way of thinking, we would want him to show his love

By obeying us to not die, to stay here, to remain by our side

I, for one am glad that he provided that sacrifice

I am excited that he rose on this day

I show my adoration and love towards him consistently

by doing my best to show love in the same way.


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