Odd Tango

For years the landscape has remained the same

although this all started with a drastic change

a move to a new location and a budding friendship that began

realizing there was more to it than we could understand

stopping ourselves from going too far

as we both had commitments, we put a top on that jar

although I feel as if yours exploded at one point

I paused too long, missed capitalizing on the moment

my jar shattered and I was left alone in the thoughts

even now this is a dance I want to stop

purely the back and forth and missed timings

rather I want to start a new dance, where we are in sync and gliding

and flying higher and higher as we explore this new space

despite all this time, I still remember our one kiss, a brief taste

I wonder if you remember, if you think about us

what possibilities it could be or are those ideas just dust

the dust in the wind blowing away over the top of our foundation

too much distance, too much time, missed opportunity

plenty of intention and abundance of ability


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