Easy to Admit

I have strayed away from the paper, from the pen

mostly due to fear of what it would mean, message it would send

to jump back into the water of some where I drowned before

unable to swim in the depths and struggling to breathe even more

my words tend to become reborn either through pain or idealistic hope

truthfully, romantic hope as I am more hopeless there than I could ever cope

even when I have removed myself entirely, my mind creates scenarios

stories that I wish I could star within, the director of a life I do not know

ever had your dreams taken over by the daydreams you seek to experience

where your sleep feels like life, your life feels like waiting with persistence

I have a vision of where in my professional and educational career will proceed

I have seen a vision and within her light I would like romance to convene

I have never been one to stray away from wearing my heart on my sleeve

It is the importance of that matter I truly desire to gleen


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