About Me

A story about me is kind of simple because that is how I am..... a torn apart broken man.......through spiritual trials and life trials I still reside here.......calm, cool, collected at all times, I take pride in those I care for and those who care for me, they are protected from all with my life,... Continue Reading →

Open Dialogue

I was failed, this is just something to come out and say. As a child, I was failed, as a teenager, I was failed, as a young adult I was failed drastically. In turn, I became the product of said failures. This will not be a moment of poetic enthusiasm or a smart way of... Continue Reading →

In Lies

And yet I feel invisible, transparent in all the ways that matter in communication yet when it comes to feeling like I am being complacent, I shine that person that has become opaque when his feelings come to the surface ironic how my heart is on my sleeves, yet no one truly acknowledges it beats... Continue Reading →

Accepted Value

My aspirations and dreams had nothing to do with singing When I was young, writing was the farthest from my mind drawing little houses with grass and a sun in the sky even when it comes down to it, technology was not an inkling I was a blank slate, my fun consisted of imitation karate... Continue Reading →

Suffocating Anxiety

Because I am a black son of a strong black woman, who is deceased Because I have preexisting conditions, my murder becomes my fault Because I am the uncle whether by blood or by love to black sons Because I am the brother by love to a black son Because I am the nephew by... Continue Reading →

Given Status

Do you understand what it feels like to be a rock sedentary, unmoving, unyielding with large mass though the truth is there are ants below you, steadily carrying you moving you forward, picking you up and keeping you going, unaware as you may be progress is happening slowly and steadily even when you feel you... Continue Reading →

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