Death of a Gentleman

Let me introduce you to a story, a scenario so to speak that plays itself out day by day about interaction, honesty, communication and trust and also the lack there of this can merely begin with a statement of truth, an undeniable fact that is easy to prove gentlemen absolutely still exist they are just... Continue Reading →


Life and Love Exam

Without question and without pause, I will always remain the person this one to look past the stars It is often asked of me just remain who you are, be yourself, never falter but am I accepted as such, is the understanding of such a person the destination or does fear, pride, hubris, and arrogance... Continue Reading →

Open Doors

A change in the regime, the changing of the guard amazed to make it to this level, gracious that I have made it this far a door unanticipated a move that was thought to be unwise unwelcome to re-enter into this life of mine yet when faced with the decision I want to open the... Continue Reading →

True Worth

This is not usually my way of approaching self self-reflection to be precise, I usually play it left left up to those who watch and wonder and I stand stand ready and steady, remaining humble yet heavy weighed down by the world and the inconsistency of love truth be told this will be the last... Continue Reading →

Sweet Dreams

I forgot what it is to yearn for something sweet delectable treats that quench all mentions of a tooth remembering how it felt to be overtaken by an addiction mutual attraction and affection, intimacy in all meanings of the word that little nuance and trigger that you hold within me that silent signal or approach... Continue Reading →

Crowded Paths

Mind so busy that it creates the plot of a mystery creating situations and circumstances from the nuance of fear so worried about the next person to cause a tear to fall from your face, to fall through your heart breaking it as they tunnel their way through forcing themselves into your life through manipulation... Continue Reading →

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