Home with Words

This is a familiar and comfortable place to be honestly it has been a while since my palm has rested on these sheets of paper and life truly love and pain purely being expressed and shown in words and flow filling you in to the feelings you should know There is a certain beauty that... Continue Reading →

Dark Holes

Lost and trapped between optimism and realism This type of captivity that makes me smile in misery no company needed for this pain, I will spare you from the rain although my umbrella is out for the safety of others, not for my gain details of what is running through my mind, in depth and... Continue Reading →


Candlelight is meant for moments of peace Moments of joy, moments of happiness Moments where appreciation and adoration never cease Those intimate moments of longing, moments I miss Where a journey has taken you away longer than desired Where work obligations have made you weary and tired When all you need is to relax when... Continue Reading →

The Sunset

It goes without saying that I stand by my feelings, whether accepted or not, whether understood or disregarded, I feel no need to backtrack or retract.  I have no desire to denounce what I stated as truth, I stand by that truth and move on to what is present in the now.  No need to... Continue Reading →

New Path

Based on the words I should have eternity Should be living my days flourishing in passion Flowing through the waves of happiness and love I have been told I was loved without condition Time and time again yet a condition arose Where I move from beloved into the hated My actions scrutinized even though reactionary... Continue Reading →


In the manner in which the Lord created me I was made as a catalyst for what is to be that entity that breeds change telling you not to stay the same creating that sense of urgency, that demand to take what you want in the palm of your hand making you feel convicted inside... Continue Reading →

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