Incorrect Perspective

I am not a good man, I am not a gentleman, I am not a good father These self-appointed titles or falsehood granted by admiration have been shown time and time again to be wrong, to be highly inaccurate consistent failures, consistent mistakes, lack of love and lack of success lack of drive, lack of... Continue Reading →


Gold Trophy

To the woman who quoted that good men were extinct then received one that man whom you did not doubt on the honesty of his intent or character yet you chose to push him away, live within lies, and take advantage and shun now you are the woman who can stand by that statement, as... Continue Reading →

Creative Irony

This is one of those moments where the words are supposed to flow where I should be able to freely express how I feel and show the rest of the world, the thoughts inside of my mind however this is more pain than freedom, more torture than relief in the time it took me to... Continue Reading →

The Main Difference

Loud and crowded day by day, continuous strings of words, laughter, and screams the enigma, a status I stand on with pride, that one that stands out in a crowd yet unseen conflicting thoughts, a presence and charisma bigger than physical stature, intimidating to some although others it is warm, inviting, alarming yet comforting within... Continue Reading →

Wishes and Prayers

I wish I could hear the words your fear holds back I wish I could feel the love you keep behind that wall I wish I could learn more and more about you those deep pockets of your heart, covered and hid away behind that smile, that pride, that doubt that you try to not... Continue Reading →

Knuckles and Bricks

In hopes that this would be reassuring My attempts to create communication yield no results Running a marathon alone for a two person journey Hitting a brick wall consistently in pursuit of progress Whether my hands bleed and I lose my skin From scraping and clawing at the obstacles ahead Putting forth maximum effort to... Continue Reading →

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