Which One?

Love can be incredible Fantastic Powerful Interesting Fulfilling False love can be agonizing Painful Lonely Empty Defeating Which do you give? Which do you receive? If you truly love there is no reason to feel the lesser of these.


You believe it was majority lust Trust I miss your kiss Not that it has to lead past just this the passion of that first time the excitement of our lips finally touching Frozen in time I do not want to leave your lips Leave the grip I have on your hips Leave the look... Continue Reading →

A Loser

I am a loser many different battles, I have been through I stand tall when it is over Not the outcome I asked for, this is true I want to be left on the battlefield Beaten, torn, abused, and left to lay Watch as my comrades run away, I am their shield When I look... Continue Reading →

Makes Sense

The outcast no play on words Just truth this time whether you know it or not some things are not up to me Acceptance can not be created from others within the self Accept the self Gains the confidence Respect Earned and given changes nothing in the end looked for when my presence is missed... Continue Reading →

Out of Touch

Out of your life Standing by your side Disconnected at all times Why remain in a lie Defeated on all ends There are moments where there are no amends Prayer can only do much If you do not know what you want Why would it be something God would touch?

Hard to Love

It is hard to love Where choice for the love Is replaced by confusion Lack of communication Lack of understanding Pursuit of pride This is not where love can reside

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