Another Chance

We started or shall I say, we began without intention stumbling over our youth and ambition striving towards goals we had no confirmation of striving for hopes and dreams, sidestepping love addressing the passion, ignoring what was missing all over each other believing in ourselves it was intimacy but a full circle can show you... Continue Reading →

Building a Beginning

Communication Trust Honesty Love and Adoration Admiration Forward Progress Mistakes Misunderstandings Agreements and Disagreements Understanding and Learning Growth Together

Suffocating Anxiety

Because I am a black son of a strong black woman, who is deceased Because I have preexisting conditions, my murder becomes my fault Because I am the uncle whether by blood or by love to black sons Because I am the brother by love to a black son Because I am the nephew by... Continue Reading →

Reflection of Knowledge

Soul to soul I live inside these dreams My life is full of the wrong energy At least sleep, I can feel, she remembers me For around and around we have gone For years on end, this is a tug of war I stand at the gates and scream She looks down from her balcony... Continue Reading →

The Cadence

Stay steady with your breathing and your heart Will follow the new rhythm, catch your breath Relax your mind, prepare to embrace this part When we finish, there will be no energy left Just a slow sultry walk that we perform together In sync with our body movements and vibe Brief intermission within intimacy and... Continue Reading →

A Dejected Awakening

My dreams keep feeding me all these lies Of being wanted and needed in someone's life Desired and kept around for more than a season Loved and cherished and not for one reason Usually because of the moves I make to please Hope that if I give her the world and maybe she will accept... Continue Reading →

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