Gloves Off

Temptation mounts am I happy with it, of course not am I sad that it occurs, indifference rises proud This is not a piece of me that is a shroud Literally there are many things that need not concern My mind is already full of discernment No point in dding to it confusion driven torment... Continue Reading →

Never my Heart

Personal and deep to the chest this stands out above the rest my childhood ended at age ten hard, stern, and fighting, it began then Sense of dignity started at the funeral Had to be strong for the family, lack of their worrying Enough for them, they lost their sister or daughter Close friend, person... Continue Reading →

Love to Fight

If you love me enough to feel that you cannot be wrong If I love you enough to say I always have to be right Who are we really loving? If all we are doing is loving to keep a fight?

My Story

Soon I will tell my story Will you read it and admire or demolish my memory I have told it before, it went unnoticed This life is not about solely one moment One decision can be a culmination of years One year can be a culmination of 10 thoughts Eventually I will be understood Who... Continue Reading →

A Star

Show me your smile I love it when you glow I imagine the moments when you will show Me, just the joy within your life I have seen you happy before I have seen you joyous  Do you imagine us? I believe it takes much more Maybe with this you will notice See me for... Continue Reading →

Poem to Love

I remember moments I did not want to be away from you Moments I thought of only you Moments that came from the depths of my heart This type of feeling that never wants us to be apart Things have changed now We are not getting along We have not for a long time I... Continue Reading →

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