Subtle Prey

The hunter I kind of like the ring of those words quiet, calculated, perceiving all that is around me aware and in the moment yet distant from it all I rather make you squirm feel the ants running up your thighs as you wonder, in anticipation in exhilaration while taking on different emotions following the... Continue Reading →


Table is Set

If you have not noticed, I like analogies using food this world has me constantly hungry, all day mood whether I hunger for knowledge and thirst for understanding or crave that reflection of self you probably missed those double meanings you missed the mathematics of it all despite trying to stand tall I speak in... Continue Reading →

More than a Snack

Hunger is not enough words to describe this appetite more of a craving than you understand more of a physical imperative that feeds the mental and emotional I wish to devour you in ways that exceed pure intimacy and passion rather have the appetizer be that pain that you hold onto those regrets and guilt,... Continue Reading →

Just a Glance

It is not in my nature to be boastful full of pride that seeps through my clothes coming from my skin like a pheromone I rather let my pencil speak some of the words that are not created by the chorus of my actions for it is better to act and stand as an example... Continue Reading →

What You See

Take it all in and observe with an open mind and open eyes rest assured that you are making the correct choices understand that negative things do not have to repeat themselves surrender yourself to the faith that you have amassed turn that doubt and fear that you once had into pure confidence You have been... Continue Reading →

Support Team

So it has become my job, a duty so to speak to change your perception open up your perspective and introduce you to my level of depth my level of introspection you want to learn more about me, dive right on in the water is fine, not too hot, not too cold just the right... Continue Reading →

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