No More Running

Should have been more honest with myself Kept the truth closer to my heart than my hope You were never meant to love me, wrong shelf I took myself down from and now I must cope With the loss of many hopes and the deepest dreams Those ambitions and desires that only the few know... Continue Reading →


Candlelight is meant for moments of peace Moments of joy, moments of happiness Moments where appreciation and adoration never cease Those intimate moments of longing, moments I miss Where a journey has taken you away longer than desired Where work obligations have made you weary and tired When all you need is to relax when... Continue Reading →

The Sunset

It goes without saying that I stand by my feelings, whether accepted or not, whether understood or disregarded, I feel no need to backtrack or retract.  I have no desire to denounce what I stated as truth, I stand by that truth and move on to what is present in the now.  No need to... Continue Reading →

A Plea

I keep to myself, I tend to observe more than I speak I stay quiet a lot, sometimes the less you talk the more you see Start this out with a simple request, from a good man to you, a plea Love me for who I am, love me for me, and not just my... Continue Reading →

Death of a Gentleman

Let me introduce you to a story, a scenario so to speak that plays itself out day by day about interaction, honesty, communication and trust and also the lack there of this can merely begin with a statement of truth, an undeniable fact that is easy to prove gentlemen absolutely still exist they are just... Continue Reading →

Table is Set

If you have not noticed, I like analogies using food this world has me constantly hungry, all day mood whether I hunger for knowledge and thirst for understanding or crave that reflection of self you probably missed those double meanings you missed the mathematics of it all despite trying to stand tall I speak in... Continue Reading →

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