Death of a Gentleman

Let me introduce you to a story, a scenario so to speak that plays itself out day by day about interaction, honesty, communication and trust and also the lack there of this can merely begin with a statement of truth, an undeniable fact that is easy to prove gentlemen absolutely still exist they are just... Continue Reading →


Table is Set

If you have not noticed, I like analogies using food this world has me constantly hungry, all day mood whether I hunger for knowledge and thirst for understanding or crave that reflection of self you probably missed those double meanings you missed the mathematics of it all despite trying to stand tall I speak in... Continue Reading →


Laying here in the quiet darkness of the night well not fully quiet sweet poetic moments of life ring through my mind soft tones of romance and a love story play over the speaker and dive into my heart sometimes you reflect on life and realize there were a lot of mistakes made yet you... Continue Reading →

Do Love

Fantasies I never told you about dreams that involved your image and aura took me too long to remember this path I forgot about how long love should last

Just Memories

There are some thoughts of mine that always trail back to you those memories of mine that time can not replace because of what I knew I knew in the moment that I was happy, that things had changed I forgot in those moments my pain these type of incidents will become the case consistently... Continue Reading →

Mind of a Poet #30

The inside of my soul dies, to know what I said before as truth has come forward to be just that, and not a lie.  Not a fallacy that I dreamed up myself, not a instance of turmoil that I made up to make me feel better but exactly what I knew it to be... Continue Reading →

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