Mind of a Poet #29

And then she died, and my world crumbled around me. I don't remember the days ahead, time freezes and breaks apart in different ways. Different paths come together and different lengths, but the next thing I remember is a fiery blaze. Could have been the same night, the deaths of two places, my home and... Continue Reading →


Mind of a Poet #28

My job is to walk, to talk, to listen, to inspire, to redeem, to seek redemption, to become the word, to become the truth, to become that which is sought for the most, and throughout the time while I am working this job, I notice something.  I see beauty, grace, composure, serenity, that place that... Continue Reading →

Mind of a Poet #27

I could very possibly be wrong about this and be out of line, but I can’t help but want to look at you when you are around.  It is in my blood to observe, I guess, I have been raised all the time to look and dare not to touch.  I mean no disrespect, but... Continue Reading →

Mind of a Poet #26

I want to write you a great love song but lack the talent to produce it I want to sing the most beautiful melody to you but lack the ability to create it I want to show you how beautiful you are in my eyes but lack the way to show it I want to... Continue Reading →

Mind of a Poet #25

It is within our parents wisdom that we find ourselves that we learn what we wish to become and what we wish not to become but do we take what they called mistakes and shun them away from our life as well. In doing so, we discredit our own creation for things do not always... Continue Reading →

Mind of a Poet #24

If the stars could choose where they shone and the rivers decide in which direction they flowed the trees bow when they felt the need the rain, sleet, and snow not touch one area the tornado, hurricane, and tsunami avoid all family, friends, and homes and the sun and moon give just enough light without... Continue Reading →

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