Notebook Chronicles End…

Your lips have touched mine before and yet we both woke up in our own respective beds.  Separate and still not even aware of each other in the flesh but we have touched elsewhere.  I have held you in my arms and comforted you before; you have embraced me and made me know adoration and... Continue Reading →

Notebook Chronicles #36

I have always been on the outside looking in, peeking through the window of the party, then being removed forcibly for being on the grounds.  That outsider that does not even have the ability to earn a place among the table, for fear, disregard to my emotions, or just adamant rejection seems to be the... Continue Reading →

Notebook Chronicles #35

She flows with grace, no matter the fashion or lace; she embodies the idea of virtue. It lives inside of the blocks and pieces that build up her castle of character, for within she dwells knowing she is a Queen, meant to be cherished and adored through all realms in mind, body, and spirit, her... Continue Reading →

Notebook Chronicles #34

Ignorance begets ignorance yet you wonder why we don't thrive, who are you teaching while you spend your time condemning, take the time to mourn the image being presented by others and understand that a view that does not uplift tears down just the same. Whether some create the show of savages, it is not... Continue Reading →

Notebook Chronicles #33

Introductions do not usually last on for longer than a moment brief, sweet, casual and moving forward yet this one lingered for days, then weeks, then maybe even a month before it really ended with purely a touch you took my hand without prompt that began the spark or maybe it was the twinkle in... Continue Reading →

Notebook Chronicles #32

Have you ever known pain to be a drug? I do not mean that addiction you can not let go of I mean that pain that lasts so long to keep you aware, keep your mind alert Or basically that pain that finally stop the thoughts stops the forward thinking stops all recollection of intellect... Continue Reading →

Notebook Chronicles #31

I will be honest in saying that the pain and climate has shaped my brain. It is hard to imagine the reality of you when all around me constantly is dishonesty and pride, vanity and purely lustful desire while I do my best to remain humble and true. From moments of stated purposed abandonment to... Continue Reading →

Notebook Chronicles #30

The moment you realize you have no worth to others, those times when you understand that your thoughts and feelings are irrelevant to those who care not to understand. Much easier to use self imposed strategy even when you do not comprehend the anguish so I laugh inside when I try to believe that am... Continue Reading →

Notebook Chronicles #29

Suppose I told you that you already have all you desire but you are eyes are closed. What if I told you that you flew through your flights of fantasy and landed safely but forgot to look at the clouds? What if I told you that you were awake when you accomplished your dreams but... Continue Reading →

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